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    To job-seeking clients landing faster and converting into raving fans. 
    To a one-stop resource for ALL your career service, resume writing, and business-building needs.  
    To an easy path to building a profitable 6-figure business with resume writing and career services.
    To a balanced life and career you're excited to wake up to each day.

    With CDI you gain access to our 6X Success Model for a complete 360 degree solution.

    Together we'll shorten your path to confidence, success, profitability, and job seeker satisfaction.

    Are you ready to reach the next level?

    For 23 years CDI has been the leading global professional association and learning lab for resume writers and career coaches. We strive to keep it SIMPLE while still ensuring you have ALL the tools you need to succeed.

    Career practitioners join us at various points in their career. Do any of these sound like you?

    Dramatically successful on the surface but know you’re meant to have much more.
    Feeling trapped by low prices and long hours without being able to break the cycle.
    Struggling to get your business off the ground and worrying time is running out.
    Just starting out and wanting to have an easy, direct path that's free of pitfalls.
    Craving the confidence of time-saving done-for-you expert resources and tools.
    Tired of going it alone and ready to leverage partnerships and colleague referrals.
    Looking to rapidly gain expertise and authority to fast-track your success.

    If so, it’s time to say hello to the next stress-free chapter of your career.


    Our members who follow our done-for-you scripts, tools, strategies, and engagement plans are saying:

    Myles Lofland

    Myles Lofland

    Delta State University

    Excellent recommendations as always. You're a rock star Laura DeCarlo.

    Thanks for all your resources and encouragement for career practitioners. I've been involved in CDI for a few years now. The tip sheets, audio lessons, video trainings, etc. have helped me to begin standing out as a valuable commodity in the higher ed space.

    Don’t stop because you’re changing lives.

    Deborah L. Schuster, CPRW

    Deborah L. Schuster

    The Lettersmith

    Joining CDI is one of the best things I've ever done for my business. I've been writing resumes for 25 years, but this membership took me to the next level. The webinars are amazing and are free to members.

    The most valuable part of membership for me is that it has restored the JOY in what I do. It turns out that creating high impact resume graphics is one of my favorite parts of my job. While my primary skill is writing, the graphic design engages another side of the brain.

    CDI has always been at the forefront of the industry when it comes to resume designs that draw in the eye.

    photo of Yuvika Iyer

    Yuvika Iyer


    I found CDI and Laura when I was struggling to grow my career development business. Even though business was stable, I wanted to take it to another level with personal branding. CDI and Laura’s tips have been a complete game changer!

    There has been a phenomenal improvement in my resume writing skills after taking part in the TORIs this year and for some reason, my clients seem to be overjoyed with my post-TORI resumes! The number of revisions has drastically dropped, client referrals have gone up and the number of appreciative client testimonials is increasing rapidly.

    All credit goes to Laura and CDI for the amazing, helpful, and mind-blowing strategies that are helping my business grow 2X faster! Thank you so much, Laura, for everything you do!

    With CDI you'll gain the the inside track.

    Done-for-You Job Seeker Resources

    Time saving, white-labeled client educational resources you can sell or give away to boost the value of your packages.

    (Take the time and guesswork out of creating and providing tools to give your clients and prospects).

    I am TOTALLY impressed; I’m a member of other groups and NOT ONE offers the online resources that CDI provides.

    Winifred A. Winston
    The Career Center, University of Baltimore

    Community + Learning Online Like You've Never Experienced

    Join a welcoming community with included live events to learn, network, and connect around hot topics in resume writing, career services, business growth, practice management, and emerging topics like AI.

    (No boring lectures here; only total engagement events that leave you recharged and on top of your game). 

    CDI Live Member Events

    Resume Writing Tutorials from Award-Winning Writers

    Clear strategies for designing high-impact resumes that help you overcome client career challenges and changes, and which make clients hungry to hire you.

    (Resumes aren't a magic bullet but they can open doors for qualified candidates!)

    Alana Henry

    I am absolutely blown away by the depth and breadth of resources for resume writing professionals. Kudos to you for doing such a great job and really working to ensure the success of resume writers!

    Alana Henry
    The Writique, LLC

    Up-to-Date Career Coaching & Career Service Resources

    Relevant tools for readily teaching clients job search, interviewing, career management, personal branding, and job survival strategies.

    (They don't do this for a living -- have the knowledge to make their path easier and yours more rewarding.)

    Photo of Laura Smith-Proulx

    I believe careers professionals should make time for their own development - and CDI offers a tremendous value for both skilled and emerging experts. I highly recommend joining and experiencing this treasure trove of value to help support yourself and your clients in 2023 and beyond!

    Laura Smith-Proulx

    An Expert Resume

    Proven 4-Figure Packaging & Sales Closing Script

    Easy scripts and tools on how to present, package, and close 4-figure packages of resume and career services, 94-97% of the time, without ever actually having to be salesy.

    (There's no reason you shouldn't attain the same success your clients do!)

    Amanda Rico, Ph.D., Rico Editorial Services

    I made $20K in the FIRST WEEK of implementing a new package-based system for my service offerings. Each time I deployed a new recommendation my business doubled and/or tripled in revenue. 

    Amanda Rico, Ph.D
    Rico Editorial Services

    Presentation Script That Packs Your Calendar

    Simple script that you can use to get audiences excited and 100% fill your calendar with prospect appointments.

    (If they don't hire you they can't benefit from your expertise to shorten their path to success!)

    photo of Peter Lavelle

    CDI and Laura DeCarlo are the ‘Underdog Super Energy Pill’ that we super heroes take to accomplish our career changing feats. There are tons of resources for success concentrated here and anyone thinking about offering career services had better include CDI in their business planning and skills building regimen.

    Peter Lavelle
    Rez Builder Resume and Job Service LLC

    Processes for Easy Sales Funnels & Building Raving Fans

    Imagine a 55% referral base of new clients, simple strategies for getting metrics-driven testimonials that pre-sell prospects, and scripts that turn unhappy clients into repeat buyers.

    (You've made a difference and getting clients to spread the word is easier than you think.)

    Portrait of Cathy Lanzalaco of Inspire Careers

    Through use of your methodology I’m now closing sales at slightly more than double my former prices. Your wisdom and guidance also allowed me to take a 2-week vacation while still having the largest revenue month of the year.

    Cathy Lanzalaco
    Inspire Careers

    Sample Contracts to Win Corporate Clients + Templates

    Done-for-you forms plus easy proposal process that lets you land lucrative transition assistance contracts with corporations and government agencies.

    (There's a whole world of B2C that could benefit from your expertise with their transitioning staff.)

    female silhouette

    The CDI credential I earned played a key role in helping my company to win the bid to provide career services to a university with 51,000 students.

    Surranna Sandy
    Surcorp Group of Companies

    Opportunities for You to Stand Out & Be In the Spotlight

    With an enhanced directory listing, expert guest blogging, Q&A Spotlights, publishing opportunities, volunteer roles, and award programs, there are so many ways to build your authority. 

    (Entrepreneurs wear a lot of hats and we're here to help you stand out and shine.)

    Kyle Elliott

    Less than 30 days after joining CDI, I secured my first client as a result of my member listing. This single client was a more than 10X ROI on my annual investment in CDI.

    Kyle Elliott
    Caffeinated Kyle

    Empowerment to the Extreme

    We believe in our members and we're here through group support, live event participation, lessons, and trainings to help you bust through barriers and win like never before. 

    We're behind you all the way. If you want it, with CDI there's a path to attain it! 

    Tonya Sims

    CDI has truly empowered me to reach for my goals!

    For years I wanted to write a guest post for a local newspaper, but fear always held me back. I finally took the plunge and submitted an article, and guess what? It was accepted! Even better, I’m now a monthly contributor! I’m simply bursting with excitement.

    Tonya Sims

    At CDI we'll show you the paths of least resistance trekked by the industry's top resume writers, career coaches, and other career and business pros. With us you'll:

    • Join a vastly caring community -- we all do what we do because we want to make a difference.
    • Become surrounded by colleagues who become friends who believe fiercely in bringing the best they can to job seekers and the world.
    • Cut through the noise to proven solutions and strategies that really work.
    • Get lifted up by an organization who only exists to help you bring your best self to job seekers and be richly rewarded as a result.

    Whether 6-figures-plus is important to you or you're just ready to confidently know you're bringing your best self to job seekers or employers, with CDI we'll guide you toward  YOUR best way.

    Join us now to hit your goals and help more job seekers while leaving the hustle culture behind!

    CDI Conference Participants (cropped)

    Truly what's most important is that the results speak for themselves: 

    male silhouette

    Marcus Hall

    Results Driven Resumes

    The content that I’ve been reading and studying on CDI for the past several hours is INCREDIBLE!

    Today I applied just SOME of the sales consultation script tips and a few more tips I learned from CDI and closed sales of $1598, which is more than what I usually do in one week.

    I closed out my week using your strategies at $3000+ and then sold my FIRST 4-figure resume package. This already more than paid for my year in CDI.

    Erin Kennedy

    Erin Kennedy

    Professional Resume Services, Inc.

    I tell anyone who seeks out my advice about getting into the careers/resume industry, RUN!, don't walk to Career Directors International.

    CDI is packed full of resources, webinars, meetups, freebies, and more. It is my one-stop shop for any questions, I have.

    Has it helped me find success with my business, Laura DeCarlo?

    Hands down, YES. Thanks for all you do!"

    Bridget Batson headshot

    Bridget Batson

    Houston Outplacement Resume Writing and Career Counseling

    CDI has a special place in my heart. This organization, with its abundant resources, cutting-edge intelligence, and knowledgeable members, has been momentous in my growth and continues to shine every single day.

    I have expanded my skills in SEO, marketing, and business management while remaining current on emerging careers, resume writing, ATS, and market trends/advancements.

    With their resources, I have been able to build a strong reputation and triple my business without the need for thousands of dollars in advertising. I have had immense value in this organization. CDI has been my superhero.

    Portrait of Karen Bartell of Best-in-Class Resumes

    Karen Bartell

    Best-in-Class Resumes

    By using your tried-and-true method and 97% close script, it’s like I was giving away gold. He acted like to couldn’t get out his credit card fast enough; like he was afraid I would go away.

    And another amazing event: I quoted and sold another client my deluxe package for double the price I would have charged someone at his level before.

    Carolyn Whitfield

    Carolyn Whitfield

    Total Resumes

    I came across Laura and the Career Directors International (CDI) 6 years ago when I was researching resume writing training and credentials. I instantly became a member of CDI and have gone on to earn several coveted industry credentials and won multiple industry awards that have helped to distinguish myself in a highly saturated market and build an arsenal of resume writing tools to position my clients above their competition.

    Laura is an authority in the career services space and through CDI provides a wide range of done-for-you resources, coaching opportunities and turnkey courses for resume writers, career coaches and entrepreneurs.

    A forward-thinker, Laura has the foresight and industry expertise to predict (and drive) change and innovate new products/services to meet the needs of job hunters and career service professionals.

    Dr. Jeannine Bennett

    Dr. Jeannine Bennett

    Vision to Purpose

    I can't help but rave about the incredible support and resources this organization offers to resume writers and career coaches!

    The tools, training, and unwavering support provided by CDI have been a game-changer for me and countless others.

    If you're looking to excel in your career, navigate the challenges of self-employment, and make a real impact, CDI is the place to be!

    Trust me, CDI is the real deal!

    What Exactly Do You Get When You Join?

    Our full suite of association benefits for less than the profit you'll have from your next new client.

    $17,127 value!


    ($997 value)

    • 8+ Live Webinars & Trainings
    • Quarterly Networking Events
    • Challenges
    • Other Member Events


    ($1375 value)

    • Pass-Along Job Seeker Tip Sheet Vault
    • 97% Close Consultation Script
    • Fill Your Calendar Presentation Script
    • Contracts & Forms Vault


    ($3405 value)

    • Enhanced Directory Listing
    • Expert Guest Blogging Opportunity
    • Job Seeker Q&A Features
    • Book Listings to Job Seekers
    • Other Publishing
    • Best Practice Tip Sheet Contribution
    • Volunteer Leadership Opportunity
    • Member Badge


    ($10,850 value)
    New Lessons & Tools Added Regularly

    • ChatGPT Prompts
    • 60+ Best Practice Tip Sheets
    • 70+ On-Demand Video & Audio Masterclasses
    • 100s of Deep Dive Lessons
    • Business Management + Contract Templates
    • Business Development + Scripts & Calendars
    • Resume Writing & Document Development
    • Career Services & Coaching
    • Guided Course – More Coming Soon
    • Exclusive Industry Reports
    • Emerging Tech Discussions


    ($500 value)

    • Member Community
    • Quarterly Live Networking Events
    • Peer Support Directories
    • Subcontracting & Referral Directory
    • 90-Day Onboarding Course & Quick Start


    25% Off All Courses, Certifications & Consulting*

    • *Resume Mastery Course and Career Profit Rocket 1-1 Consulting is 10%


    • Award Competitions
    • Certifications
    • Training Courses
    • Business Consulting


    (portrait) Tom Albano

    Joining CDI has been the best thing I've ever done for my business. The educational resources, professional relationships, and subcontracting opportunities have enabled me to rapidly build my business from a small sideline practice into a thriving operation with a steady flow of business.

    When I hear people in other businesses complain about how slow things are, I simply can't relate.

    CDI is the 'Ivy League' of career organizations yet it has that small college feel. If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, join today and get certified.

    Tom Albano
    All Star Career Services
    Elizabeth Craig Headshot

    Laura DeCarlo...you definitely empower all of us to help our clients in so many ways and make it fun!

    Also, James Cooper's SEO presentation was beyond FANTASTIC! Thank you!

    Elizabeth Craig
    ELC Global, LLC

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, CDI is absolutely different from what you can learn on free sites or from colleagues.

    We’ve been told repeatedly how grateful members are to have finally joined us because all that free advice just didn’t work or left them under-charging and under-performing.

    In fact, one of our members said that before joining he believed that resume writing and coaching were similar to a fast-food drive through service. But, once on the inside, he realized that job seekers actually needed a 4-course gourmet meal that CDI had now prepared him to provide and profit with.

    It’s a WHOLE different world from what most career industry pros have experienced in dealing with certification mills, DIY approaches, dated/free advice, and/or AI-driven services. 

    What you don't know really can hurt you.

    Remember, your clients compete against those who worked with CDI members, so if you want to ensure they have the same edge, this is where you'll want to be. 

    Also, while we foster multiple opportunities for members to network and partner, you benefit from knowing the backbone of your tools and methodologies are PROVEN to perform and shorten your path to skill and/or entrepreneurial success.

    Since industry-leader Laura DeCarlo assumed the role of CEO in 2005 and rebranded PRWRA as Career Directors International, our singular goal has been to fill the gap on what's missing in the industry. CDI is committed to ensuring that our members can find everything they need to learn, scale, and win at the most cost-effective investment rate industry-wide.

    With CDI you have:

    • Confidence in knowing that everything you learn is created or vetted by the industry’s top award-winning, multi-certified, 6-figure+ earners.
    • An ‘it’s included model’ with member live events (12-28 annually), on-demand replays, best practice tip sheets, done-for-you white-labeled job seeker tip sheets, and so much more all included in your annual or monthly membership rate.
    • Forward-thinking approach with stable master-level leadership to provide exactly what you need before it's mainstream so you can relax and know we've got you covered. 
    • Enhanced directory listings that let you showcase your brand included in the price of membership and not for a premium added fee. 
    • Most comprehensive, ever-expanding library of tools and resources industry-wide that are curated to ensure that whatever you need, you’ll find it in CDI.
    • Innovative approach to networking that shatters your isolation and makes working fun and rewarding. Our members who actively participate rate events 10/10 and have attained partnerships, co-authorship publishing opportunities, subcontractor relationships, podcast guest opportunities, and much more.

    Your responsive leaders are your ultimate cheerleaders and solution-providers!

    Check out the testimonials on are page to see how our members are consistently winning, and not just surviving, by partnering with CDI.

    Only you know how you best learn, but we want you to know that we’ve worked hard to make our opportunities affordable with membership, easy to access, and adaptive for all learning styles.

    From our 90-day directed onboarding course and live orientation events to our quick start guides and visual member dashboard, however you want to start and progress, you can easily find the right path for you!

    When you do need more help, we have a supportive community along with different member support channels to turn to for help.

    Should you still decide that you benefit from a deeply personalized approach, we offer specialty courses, a group coaching/inner circle support program, and 1-1 business consulting for an additional fee. (CDI members receive discounts of 10-50% on most programs).

    At CDI we are so honored to help you achieve your goals, love what you do, and lead a balanced life every day of the year for less than the cost of one client!

    7 Members Share the ROI of CDI Membership

    3:42 – Guest Introductions

    5:40 – Member Registration Closing

    6:18 – About Free Gifts & Member Benefits

    9:01 – Guest Biz Info & Why/When Joined

    19:25 - ROI of Membership

    52:49 – Guest Final Thoughts on Joining

    1:04:25 – Where to Get Free Gifts

    1:05:13 – Next Week’s Show

    Still not convinced CDI is your golden ticket to making career industry success easy and stress free?

    Check out these free resources:

    • Master’s Video Sales Course
    • COVID/Business Support Resources
    • Resume Pricing Survey Report Excerpt
    • Flyer Higher Tribe Style Business Coaching Event
    • Six-Figure Career Business Toolkit
    • 3 Recruiter Voice Lessons
    • Graphic Resume Video Tutorial
    • Sales Consultation/Quote Email Script
    • 3 Best Practice Tip Sheets
    • Book Publishing Audio Masterclass
    • Cover Letter Poll
    • Deep Dive Core Lessons
    • Many more lessons in our Career Pro blog!
    Oluwafemi Adebayo

    Why did I choose Career Directors International? Prior to this time, I have tried and tested many membership resources and it didn't turn out well.

    [President] Laura DeCarlo's free resource changed everything for me.

    From zero to six-figures didn't come easy. I dedicated my time to study how her process worked and it did the magic.

    Oluwafemi Adebayo
    Target Resumes Fast

    Stop Waiting and Start Winning!



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    Per Year

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    Waitlist - Association Membership

    If you know you want to take your business and your skills to the next level, what's stopping you? 

    Stop getting confused, sidetracked, and misled from outdated advice or strategies from so-called experts who can't back up the talk with results.

    It's time your membership ROI got you more than a membership logo and a monthly newsletter.

    Everything CDI does is built around a mission to ensure you and the clients you serve can reach ultimate success.

    We help resume writers and career coaches who struggle with stresses like low traffic, low conversions, low profits and work overwhelm to transform into industry leaders with high close rates, increased confidence in their craft, recognized authority in their niches, and incredible profits, all while enjoying (claiming) new-found work-life balance.

    You'll recoup your ANNUAL fee with just one new client.

    Stop putting your success on hold and go click the button to join now! 

    Gayle Howard

    Gayle Howard

    Top Margin Career Marketing

    I am convinced beyond any doubt that my CMRW has strengthened my reputation in the eyes of my clients. By promoting my expertise with my CMRW, I am able to command increasingly higher prices and I am in the enviable position of being able to choose who I want to work with. Additionally, the CMRW has most certainly elevated my reputation in the industry amongst my peers.

    Anyone who has aspirations to command more dollars and is keen to build on his or her expertise should simply bite the bullet and do it. Some associations only have one credential -- that's not for me! My business branding is all about striving for excellence.

    I don't want to get into comparing certifications across the different associations but let's just say that my preference is to apply the "Goldilocks" philosophy. Some are too time consuming and expensive, some don't exist, and others are "Just Right"! I'd place the CMRW in the "Just Right" Category!

    male silhouette

    Bryan Lubic

    San Diego State University

    CDI offers crazy insane value. You are the Steve Jobs of career and resume organizations. You could take it down seven notches and still be superior. - Bryan Lubic, San Diego State University

    female silhouette

    Ann M. Larson

    The Interview Experience

    I wanted to let you know that in starting this business, joining CDI has been the single most valuable decision I made. Thanks for all of the support. It's a wonderful organization.

    Angie S. Jones

    Haute Resume & Career Services LLC

    Since joining CDI I’ve implemented your strategies, guidance and tools, along with other key steps, which included launching a new and optimized website. As a result, I’ve watched my business grow from a tiny, local business to a key player in the industry. In the past year I have more than tripled my revenue!

    I certainly couldn’t have accomplished all that I have without your support and guidance. You are AMAZING!

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